Maria Armoudian is the author of Kill the Messenger: The Media’s Role in the Fate of the World, a lecturer at the University of Auckland in New Zealand, the host and producer of the syndicated radio program, The Scholars’ Circle. She served as an environmental commissioner for the city of Los Angeles for five years and in the California State Legislature for eight years, working on environmental protection, government oversight, poverty reduction, civil rights, and corporate reform legislation. Her articles have been published by the Columbia Journalism Review, New York Times Syndicate and the Los Angeles Times Syndicate, The New Zealand Herald, the Los Angeles Daily News, the Progressive,, Truthout, Alternet, Inc., Daily Variety, and Billboard. She is currently working on a book about war correspondents and the challenges they face in reporting from some of the world’s most perilous places. Maria is also a song-writer & musician. Her CD is Life in the New World.