Scholars’ Circle – United nations Climate Treaty affected by COVID-19 pandemic -/- Moral Distress in time of COVID-19 – May 24, 2020

The global Covid-19 pandemic has provided new openings to link global health with climate action. How will this influence the upcoming meetings on global climate action, called COP 26? Doug Becker hosts. [ dur: 28 mins. ]

  • Shannon Gibson is Associate Professor of Political Science, International Relations, and Environmental Studies at the University of Southern California. She is the author of the forthcoming book Politics of Global Environment.

We look at the implications of moral distress and clinical decision making in the time of COVID-19. Lillian Ng hosts. [ dur: 30 mins. ]

  • Monique Jonas is a Senior Lecturer in Health Systems at the University of Auckland. Jonas is an ethical theorist specialising in health care ethics.
  • Phillipa Malpas is an Associate Professor in Psychological Medicine at the University of Auckland. Malpas is an expert in medical ethics.

This program is produced with contributions from the following volunteers: Ankine Aghassian, Melissa Chiprin, Anaïs Amin, Tim Page, Mike Hurst and Sudd Dongre.