The Scholars’ Circle & Insighters Radio- June 16th, 2013

In this hour, we continue exploring the bank of the banks and the role it plays in international economies. [ dur: 10 mins. ]

  • Adam LeBor, Author: Tower of Basel: The Shadowy History of the Secret Bank that Runs the World

Then, is the national surveillance state a permanent feature of the US? [ dur: 20 mins. ]

  • Prof. Sanford Levinson. Prof. of Government and Law, University of Texas. Author: Constitutional Stupidities, Constitutional Tragedies

Finally, what do the uprisings in Turkey mean for the country itself, Middle East and the West? [ dur: 28 mins. ]

  • Dr. Marcie J. Patton is a Professor of Politics at Fairfield University. Her publications include, “Turkey,” “AKP Reform Fatigue in Turkey: What’s happened to the EU process?” and “The Economic Policies of the AKP Government: Rabbits from a Hat?”
  • Mark LeVine is a Professor of History at the University of California,Irvine. His books include, “Why They Don’t Hate Us: Lifting the Veil on the Axis of Evil,” “Heavy Metal Islam: Religion, Popular Culture and Resistance in the Middle East,” and co-authored “Religion, Social Practice, and Contested Hegemonies: Reconstructing the Public Sphere in Muslim Majority Societies”
  • Asli Ü. Bâli is Professor of Law at UCLA School of Law. She is the author of numerous publications including, “The Perils of Judicial Independence: Constitutional Transition and the Turkish Example” “From Subjects to Citizens? The Shifting Paradigm of Electoral Authoritarianism in the Middle East” and co-authored, “American Overreach: Strategic Interests and Millennial Ambitions in the Middle East.”

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