Scholars’ Circle-Danny Schechter-/-Children-of-Uganda-/-Bullies-Victims-Trauma-Mar. 22nd, 2015

First, the world has lost another strong voice for ethical journalism. Last week Danny Schechter, often called “the News Dissector,” lost his battle to pancreatic cancer.

Danny Schechter is an award winning investigative journalist, documentarian, author and activist. He has produced a long list of important works with wide ranging topics, from Apartheid to economic scandals. In honor of Danny Schechter’s life we are re-airing an interview that we did with him, here on the Scholars’ Circle in 2010. We discussed the state of the media, media culture and its role, response and impact on the financial crisis, war and WikiLeaks. Danny Schechter’s kind heart, dedication and commitment to human rights and dignity can be heard in his voice, truly an honor to air this segment. Our hearts go out to Danny Schechter’s Family, Loved Ones and Friends.

  • Danny Schechter is an award winning investigative journalist, documentarian, author and activist. He is the author of When South Africa Called, We Answered: How the Media and International Solidarity Helped Topple Apartheid, Madiba A to Z: The Many Faces of Nelson Mandela, and The Crime Of Our Time: Why Wall Street is Not Too Big To Jail.

Later, what becomes of the children who are abducted and forced into sex slavery and child soldiering? Our guest Jane Ekayu, a child trauma therapist, is helping children heal and rebuild their lives.

  • Jane Ekayu is a child trauma therapist and Founder and Executive Director of Children of Peace Uganda

Finally, on the scholars’ panel we take a close look at bullying. Bullies and victims of bullies are much more likely to develop psychological disorders such as agoraphobia, panic disorder, suicidal thoughts and aggressive behavior, as adults. In both adult and adolescent settings bullying cultures can emerge when bystanders and others disengage and allow the behavior to continue, ultimately creating abusive organizations. What is the long term effect on individuals and by extension on societies at large, resulting from bulling behaviors?

  • Joyce T. Heames is Chair and Professor of Management and Industrial Relations in the College of Business & Economics at West Virginia University. She is the author of A bully as an archetypal destructive leader.: An article from: Journal of Leadership & Organizational Studies [HTML] [Digital], Bullying: From the Playground to the Boardroom.
  • Catherine Bradshaw is a Professor in the Department of Mental Health at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, and has a joint appointment in the Johns Hopkins School of Education. She is the Deputy Director of the Johns Hopkins Center for the Prevention of Youth Violence and the Co-Director of the Johns Hopkins Center for Prevention and Early Intervention. Catherine Bradshaw is the co-author of Bullies, gangs, drugs, and school: Understanding the overlap and the role of ethnicity and urbanity.
  • Jaana Juvonen is Professor of Developmental Psychology in the Department of Psychology at UCLA. She co-authored Peer harassment in school: The plight of the vulnerable and victimized and Focus on the wonder years: Challenges facing the American middle school.

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