Scholars’ Circle – Lasting Quality Peace Making -/- Big Money Influences Science and Industry – November 27, 2016

First, beyond ending war what does it take to make a lasting quality peace? Peter Wallensteen is the author of Quality Peace: Peacebuilding, Victory and World Order.[ dur: 28mins. ]

Then, the birth of what we know as big science. The big money supported, cross institution collaborations that have supported both medicine and weaponry. How did science and government get so entrenched with industry, and one another? And what have been the results? Michael Hiltzik is the author of Big Science: Ernest Lawrence and the Invention That Launched the Military Industrial Complex. [ dur: 30mins. ]

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This program is produced with generous contribution from Ankine Aghassian, Melissa Chiprin, Tim Page, Mike Hurst and Sudd Dongre.