Scholars’ Circle – Patterns among violent extremists -/- How Animals Shaped Human History – March 31, 2019

What are the common patterns among violent extremists? [ dur: 14 mins. ]

  • Patrick James is project manager for the Profiles of Individual Radicalization in the United States (PIRUS) project at the University of Maryland.

Human history has been drastically changed by our relationship with animals. So much so that our next guest says it would be a different world if not for our intimate bonds with animals. How have they changed us and the world we live in? Joining us is Professor Brian Fagan. [ dur: 41 mins. ]

This program is produced with contributions from the following volunteers: Ankine Aghassian, Melissa Chiprin, Anaïs Amin, Tim Page, Mike Hurst and Sudd Dongre.