The Scholars’ Circle & Insighters Radio- Aug. 25th, 2013

First, after a lifetime of working with the poorest children in America, Jonathan Kozol helps us understand their harsh realities, and the factors that help the most disadvantaged kids to thrive. Kozol is the author of, Fire in the Ashes: Twenty-Five Years Among the Poorest Children in America. [ dur: 23 mins. ]

Then, on the Scholars’ Circle panel, throughout US history third parties have had a profound impact on policy, governance and voter turnout. So why are we still in a two-party system? [ dur: 35mins. ]

  • Omar H. Ali, Univ. of North Carolina at Greensboro, Prof. of African Diaspora History and Politics. Author of In the Balance of Power: Independent Black Politics and Third-Party Movements in the United States.
  • David Gillespie, College of Charlston & the Citedal; Prof. of Political Science. Author of Challengers to Duopoly: Why Third Parties Matter in American Two-Party Politics
  • Scot Schraufnagel, Northern Illinois University. Prof. of Political Science & Director of Graduate Studies. Author of Third Party Blues: The Truth and Consequences of Two-Party Dominance

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